Overhead Transport Systems

Overhead Transport Systems

Primary Meat Processing

Overhead Transport Systems

The transport of meat on a hook with the use of hanging systems exists for many years. At DGS we understand the expectations and requirements that these overhead transport systems must meet better than anyone.

With hanging conveyors and systems, it is important that they are optimally hygienic, easy to maintain and have a long service life. Our various suspension systems can offer you these possibilities to varying degrees.

Our overhead transport systems are automated and do not require any operator’s intervention. The carcasses hang on rails aligned in the direction of circulation and avoid contact with each other. For the storage, cooling and transport of carcasses, meat parts and by-products, we offer a complete range of overhead transport systems, suitable for all possible capabilities.

DGS offers several different overhead transport systems from overhead rails, rail switches and (step) conveyors to truck (un)loading systems and elevators. Our truck loading system facilitates truck loading and unloading using a switch that can be automatically adjusted in the correct setting. It could occur that a secondary steel construction is needed to fix suspended systems and conveyors to support silos, for example.

In order to bridge height differences, the conveyor is equipped with hosting solutions such as elevators. DGS supplies such hoisting systems for tube rails and twin tracks for overhead transport systems. Our comprehensive range of rails and conveyors make the transport of meat optimal and efficient.

Our overhead transport systems have some important advantages, such as:

  • Extremely flexible and simple design
  • Easy to update in line with future requirements
  • Suitable within existing situations
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
Overhead Transport Systems