DGS helps its customers with passion and dedication to carry out meat processing and product handling in a reliable, efficient and hygienic way.
Based on industry knowledge and a team of people with years of technical experience, DGS develops innovative solutions.
We design, manufacture, install and maintain innovative systems and lines with a high degree of automation for primary meat processing and for product handling. We use robots for a high degree of automation and for the highest flexibility. 

DGS believes in partnership with customers and suppliers to keep our industry knowledge up to date and to receive feedback so that we can develop the best solutions. In order to keep the installations in a reliable condition, DGS takes care of the maintenance of the delivered systems and installations.

Project approach

At DGS we stand for clear agreements, use short lines and are personally involved. We have a passion for working efficiently. We therefore strive to express this during all phases of the project.

1. CONCEPt phase

When a customer needs a new line or machine, our sales managers are happy to assist. We look forward to helping you with adjustments, extensions or replacement of your existing production lines and machines. Together we discuss your wishes and requirements and map out the entire process.

if requested our sales engineers work out a number of concepts.

After the contract has been awarded, the sales manager will remain closely involved within the project.


During the end of the concept phase the project manager is already involved, so that a seamless transition to the project execution is realized.

After the technical layout has been approved, a detailed production and assembly plan will be issued.

The project manager is the first point of contact and ensures that the planning is followed. Any desired changes from the client will be handled by the sales manager and project manager of DGS.


Based on the concept layout and order confirmation, our mechanical, electrical and control engineering engineers will prepare the production drawing and the functional and technical designs of the control system.

If applicable, mechanical loads and energy connections are mapped out and communicated to the client.

As soon as the systems to be delivered are in production, the documentation containing the descriptions of the operation, safety regulations, maintenance and CE standards are compiled. This will be handed to you both digitally and in writing at the delivery of the project.


DGS offers an extensive range of machinery, including certified welders with which we can manufacture many of our products in-house.

Our experienced assembly workers assemble the systems and machines according to specifications out of  the delivered semi-finished products and components.

During the production phase, our electrical engineers and software programmers assemble the control box and software.

During the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) the system is extensively tested at DGS and the system is adjusted mechanically or control technically if necessary. We invite you to attend.

After successfully completing the FAT, the systems are prepared for transport.

5. MOunting

The components and machines to be delivered are installed on site by experienced technical and electrical engineers of DGS. The software is installed by programmers of DGS who also make sure that the parameters are tuned.

Before commissioning, the installed components and machines are tested for correct mechanical and control engineering by means of a SAT (Site Acceptance Test). If necessary, the system will be adjusted.

The components and machines installed by DGS will be started up jointly with applications supplied by other parties and tested in a functional manner with products. The parties involved will jointly draw up a test schedule for this. The start-up will take place in collaboration with employees of the client.


During the assembly, the technical staff of the client receives on-the-job training, in which DGS discusses the components and machines supplied by DGS in consultation with the customer’s personnel. In addition, any technical questions arising from the personnel will be answered by the DGS technicians.

During the start-up phase, the production staff of the client will receive basic explanations on the operation of the new components and machines supplied.

Any additional training will be provided by DGS on request. A suitable offer will be made, depending on the desired execution and the size of the training


At DGS we understand your wishes and we know what you can expect from your production resources.

To support you in the optimal use of your machines and production lines, we offer the following services:








DGS helps its customers with passion and dedication with meat processing and product handling in a reliable, efficient, hygienic manner.


At DGS, we add value, act proactively and often do more than we promise. We are prepared to invest in you and hope that you do the same with us.

PROCES Knowledge

Your process is our starting point. At DGS, our people speak your language.

Short lines

At DGS we stand for clear agreements, we use short lines of communication and we are personally involved. With us you are in contact with decision makers!


The diversity of products is constantly increasing. Your wishes and requirements change and we change accordingly.


At DGS we are convinced that by working together, we are more efficient. Together we achieve more.