DGS has a passion for efficiency. Installations become efficient solutions, thanks to thoughtful mechanical design combined with intelligent control and information systems. As such, we supply the solution complete with electrical installation, control and information systems. The systems facilitate remote support.

DGS designs and supplies electrical installations, control panels, PLC controllers, HMIs, SCADA and MES solutions. Compatible with the most common ERP systems. Various software modules have been developed for the Primary Meat Processing and Material Handling product groups


The electrical installation is designed and built entirely by DGS. The experienced electrical engineers have in-depth knowledge of hardware and standards, but more importantly: they have experience with the food industry and know the DGS solutions inside out. The electrical engineer is part of the project team. This creates short lines to ensure the mechanical and electrical installations are aligned properly. Coordination with the software engineers is safeguarded in the same way.

Control, operation and feed panels are designed and built by DGS, as are the PLC configurations.
The production environment components are given a lot of thought to ensure hygiene and resistance to the humid environment.

PLC controllers

DGS supplies all required PLC hardware and software. Whether it is a standalone solution for equipment control, or the management of a large and complex project involving a network of several PLCs and remote I/O solutions.

DGS can offer experienced hardware and software engineers. The hardware engineers devise the hardware configuration, focusing on ease of maintenance and low cabling costs.

The software engineers develop the standard modules and the project-specific solutions built from these standard modules. As project progress, the multidisciplinary team regularly meet to align their activities.


If simple push buttons and signal lights no longer suffice, DGS can install HMI (Human Machine Interface) panels. We supply a very wide range of HMI operator panels: from limited displays and few buttons to a comprehensive graphic display with visualisation.

The HMI is used to change settings, request status information such as operating messages and error warnings, and send start/stop commands. A HMI is commonly used in combination with several push buttons and signal lights.

Our software engineers ensure that HMI programming results in simple and intuitive operation.


When the solution demands elaborate visualisation, controls and data registration, a SCADA system fits the bill. DGS has experienced SCADA programmers, who expertly create project-specific SCADA system settings. Concise visualisation and settings screens are implemented.
A SCADA system enables registration and visualisation of process data such as status notification for cylinder positions, valve positions, error warnings, as well as temperatures and pressures. In addition, even energy consumption and even operating hours can be registered and visualised.
A SCADA system is uniquely suitable for gathering insight to facilitate decisions. Compatible with the most common ERP systems.


The MES solutions are mainly aimed at the production environment, production control and registration.

MES functionalities include:
Order management, Recipes, Tracking and Tracing
Quality registrations, Production planning, Warehousing,
Weighing and labeling.

MES can also be utilised for automated equipment settings, depending on what is in production at the time.

The MES system is specifically organised for each project in the basis of a large number of standard modules.

Compatible with the most common ERP systems.


Robots are extremely reliable, require little maintenance and allow for implementation of flexible solutions: the reasons many DGS solutions are based on robots.
Standard robots can be used for many solutions by using good tools and integrating the robot correctly in the total solution.

The experienced DGS engineers create the integrated mechanical design of the total solution, as well as the robot tool. An efficient solution becomes a comprehensive solution as soon as the right sensors are utilised and the robot is programmed correctly. As such, the design is created in close consultation with the electrical engineers and the software engineers.

DGS leaves nothing to chance: it’s why robot solutions are created entirely in-house at DGS – from design and implementation right up to aftersales.

DGS works with renowned brands, including FANUC. The selected robot depends on the application and the client’s preferences.

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