Slaughter- systems & Lines

Slaughter- systems & Lines

Primary Meat Processing

systems & Lines

An optimal and efficient slaughtering process results in low operational costs, high product quality and maximum yield. It is important that the slaughter systems fit your wishes and requirements. At DGS we understand that like no other.

For beef and veal slaughterhouses we deliver efficient, ergonomic and hygienic systems and lines for stunning and slaughtering. For pig slaughterhouses, you can contact us for the maintenance and delivery of transport systems and platforms for various slaughter systems.

Since cattle and calves vary widely in size, operations are required to work at different heights. Therefore, our slaughter systems contain platforms to work at the best ergonomic height. The same applies to the evisceration platforms which can ben maneuvered by a foot-operated switch. DGS offers a complete range of rail solutions and overhead transport systems to facilitate your requirements for slaughter systems. The stainless-steel rails are the most hygienic solution in the world and easy to upgrade due to its compatibility with the existing galvanized chain.

The cattle and calf boxes within the slaughter systems, are designed for animal welfare and efficiency. They give the operator the opportunity to position the animal humanely by closing the back door and moving the walls of the stunning cage. Later within the process the dehiding machines of DGS get rid of the hide of the animals in a very ergonomic and efficient way. We use our evisceration platform to undo the organs from the carcass. Our high standard machines are able to produce the best meat for your company.

The DGS slaughter systems are optimal, efficient and known for important advantages, such as:

  • Designed for optimized animal welfare
  • The DGS slaughter systems are very hygienic, easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • The right solution for every objective
  • Ergonomic
  • Durable