Primary Meat Processing


A properly equipped barn results in stress-free animals, simple guidance of animals towards the slaughter process and short cleaning times. For cattle, veal and pig slaughterhouses of all sizes, DGS designs and delivers hygienic and animal-friendly fences and systems for receiving and guiding animals towards the slaughter process.

High animal welfare, ease of handling and reducing stress after transport is critical for a quality end product. DGS offers several different lairage equipment concepts from emergency hoist, rails, drive ranges and fencing to safety systems and feed and water equipment. The lairage equipment is strongly built and hygienic while ensuring high animal welfare.

Our drive races prevent animals from seeing people outside the enclosure or being distracted otherwise. The stalls and drive races are constructed in a way that the veterinary service personnel or own employees can enter the pens or drive races safely. This also applies to the fencing. The cattle fencing is partly opened to use as an emergency exit. It occurs that animals are stunned and slaughtered out of necessity. Then, our emergency hoist and rails are used to transport the animals to the slaughter area.

The DGS lairage equipment optimizes the reception of animals and is known for important advantages, such as:

  • High animal welfare and reduced stress
  • Reduced noise level for better working conditions
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Designed to keep operators safe
  • Durable

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