Frozen Block / Box Handling

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Frozen Block / Box Handling

With the growth of exports, the capacity for freezing products increases. The efficient filling and unloading of plate freezers and carton box freezers brings many challenges. DGS provides practical and accurate frozen block box handling systems for filling, freezing and unloading with plate freezers and logistical solutions for freezing products in boxes or crates. The filling of plate freezers with a fixed block weight is one of the many possibilities. In addition, automatic filling and emptying can be built and expanded in a modular way. DGS has developed a special module for emptying crates that contain frozen product.

DGS offers several different ways of frozen block box handling from a crate emptying system and a layering forming system to a pallet sheet dispenser and palletizing systems. Our crate emptying system empties the crates and disposes them via a different level. DGS also offers systems for the packaging of frozen meet. The pallet sheet dispenser places foil sheets on a pallet to serve as a top foil, but it can also be applied between each layer.

Due to our flexibility, we often utilize robotized frozen block box handling. This includes palletization of frozen blocks, boxes or crates. The crates are emptied by a tapper, after which the layers are formed. The target pallet is built up layer by layer. Our robot palletizer facilitates automatic palletization of meat blocks on a plate freezer. Thus, DGS offers automatic and non-automatic block box handling systems.

The DGS frozen block box handling systems provide a practical and accurate handling line including logistical solutions for freezing products and are known for important advantages, such as:

  • Can be expanded with various modules
  • Can be used in combination with robotization
  • Reliable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
Frozen Block / Box Handling