primary meat processing

Primary Meat Processing

For the professional meat processing industry, DGS supplies Primary Meat Processing and Material Handling systems and lines for receiving animals in an animal-friendly manner and for efficient processing, transporting, cutting and packing of meat products and by-products. We supply filling, freezing and unloading systems for freezing these products with plate freezers and logistic solutions for freezing products in boxes. By combining knowledge and collaboration, we optimize your production process.

Our primary meat processing systems and lines span the entire production value chain, from the reception of animals to the dispatch of finished products. Thereby, we help meat processors optimize yield, quality, throughput and other critical factors across the whole value chain.

DGS offers a diverse range of primary meat processing systems and lines. Ranging from lairage equipment and individual units for specific processes such as weighing, cutting and labeling, to complete solutions as deboning, trimming, meat preparation, portion-cutting and forming lines. Our equipment is built for the harsh meat processing environment, with hygiene and safety always in mind.

Our lairage equipment optimizes the reception of animals to give them a stress-free and simple guidance towards the slaughter process. After that, our slaughter systems optimize your primary meat processing lines which results in low operational costs, high product quality and maximum yield. Our overhead transport systems transport the meat through hanging conveyors and systems whereafter the meat passes through the deboning lines to meet the quality requirements. Discover all options for primary meat processing below.