Deboning Lines

Primary Meat Processing

Deboning Lines

The number of different meat products that a consumer can buy in the supermarket has increased in diversity over the last few years. In doing so, the quality requirements also continue to increase. In addition, there is globalization: we are more and more active in a global market. This requires that you as a producer not only have to work hygienically and efficiently, but that a high degree of flexibility is also important.

At DGS we have a lot of knowledge and experience in supplying beef, veal and pig cutting and deboning lines and we use this knowledge to develop and deliver a solution that suits you best.

To simplify deboning of the front and hind legs, DGS can supply vertical deboning systems with which the cutter can use both hands to achieve the perfect cut. With our pace deboning lines, the sections to be deboned are supplied on a conveyor. DGS provides the deboning lines complete with crate supply, electrical setup, transport systems and an information and control system.

The DGS table deboning concepts make it possible to debone products as suspended units or via a central conveyor. Several cuts can be processed simultaneously which makes it a very flexible concept. We also offer cutting lines that offer the best solutions for pork. The serrated circular knives cut meat and bones and achieve a clean cut, good slaughter yield and less bone dust.

Probably the most important solution for your deboning lines is a proper technical setup. DGS offers the complete solution for your deboning lines, because we install our DGS-IC systems into your deboning lines. Our Info & Control systems track and trace the meat by weighing systems, sensors and other software solutions. The complete solution makes the deboning process more and more efficient and gives you more insights about the (meat) results.

Our deboning lines have a number of advantages, such as:

  • High slaughter yield thanks to a perfect cut
  • Comprehensive solution
  • High efficiency
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Provides information for quality systems
Deboning Lines