Crate and Pallet Handling

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Crate and Pallet Handling

The production of meat products takes place in a lot of internal transport. Transporting these products in crates, boxes or pallets requires a lot of time, while you want to focus on producing your products. At DGS, we can relieve you of this.
We supply practical, efficient and widely deployable systems for transporting crates, boxes and pallets so that your employees can increase your product quality. Therefore, DGS develops and builds in-house crate pallet handling systems.

DGS offers several different crate pallet handling systems from (empty) crate storage to crate and pallet stack systems and crate and pallet transport. Our single crate storage is a storage solution for single crates containing products. We offer crate stack storage with high capacity and completed with electrical installation and controls. Empty crates can be stored cleaned, so they are available when requested for transport to production.

At DGS we also supply crate stackers and de-stackers. The design of all parts takes into account hygienic construction, low maintenance and reliability. DGS also supplies pallet stackers and de-stackers. These are high-speed stackers and de-stackers. Depending on the line configuration, a bottom or top (de)-stacker is used. The crate pallet handling systems are completed with electrical installation and controls.

The DGS crate pallet handling systems offer a solution for crate storage and are known for important advantages, such as:

  • Hygienic
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable
  • High capacity
  • Modular