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Batching Systems

The packaging of products requires a high degree of speed, flexibility and accuracy. At DGS we understand your challenge and know how to translate this into a solution that is required for your products. For the meat processing industry, we supply packaging lines to package your meat products and by-products in a flexible and efficient manner. By cleverly setting up production lines and packing lines, we are able to improve the output per FTE!

DGS offers several different batching systems from a soldierpack and a flowpak volume batcher to a crate screw and a high-volume batcher. The batching systems are strongly built and meet the hygienic standards.

Our soldierpack volume batcher is designed for semi-automatic and high-speed batch weighing. When the meat is supplied to the batcher in bulk, it automatically weighs the required quantity. This also applies to the high-volume batcher and the flowpack volume batcher. Al three batching systems semi-automatically weigh and pack all product, but the flowpack volume batcher has an optional box line that pack the sacks of products into boxes. DGSs crate screw batcher is designed for feeding in and dosing high volumes of products and is used in high-volume crate filling, and for layer freezing and block freezing.

The DGS batching systems optimizes the packaging of your products and are known for important advantages, such as:

  • Very high capacity
  • Suitable for large parts such as organs
  • Ergonomic
  • Flexible
  • Wide range of products available
Batching systems