Material Handling


The production of meat results in many by-products during the slaughter process that subsequently require transportation and/or storage. DGS supplies specially designed channels, pumps and storage tanks for the collection of blood.

DGS offers several additional systems from weighing and identifying systems to storage or control systems. We have extensive knowledge of and experience with pneumatic/vacuum transportation systems and silos for various by-products. We can offer you a comprehensive solution. As well as transport and storage systems, we can also supply you with comprehensive weighing and measuring equipment to gather the required data from your slaughtering process and further processing activities. All our additional systems are designed for the food industry.

With our pneumatic and vacuum transport systems, ear tags, fat, cuttings, products rejected during inspection can be removed. As well as being efficient, these systems improve hygiene and reduce cleaning costs. In order to store your (by-)products from slaughter, we offer several silos. These are supplied completely with a feeder and unloading system.

Production capacities, yields and the weight of goods in and out are important in the food industry. DGS supplies the required weighing systems, but we can also supply barcode printers, label printers, barcode scanners and chip readers. Installations become efficient solutions, thanks to a thoughtful mechanical design combined with intelligent control and information systems. DGS supplies the solution complete with electrical installation, control and information systems.

The DGS additional systems are specially designed and are known for important advantages, such as:

  • Highly efficient
  • Designed for the food industry
  • Improved hygiene
  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • Intelligent controls


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